Tourist Spots in Hapur

Despite being an industrial town, Hapur attracts many tourists every year. The city is famous for many temples and fort to visit.

Shiv Mandir Sabli in Hapur

Tourist Places in Hapur
shiv Sabli Mandir

The Shiv Sabli Mandir is one of the main attractions in Hapur district. This beautiful temple is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is one of the major deities in Hindu religion and this temple is praised by people of Hapur with a lot of faith and devotion. According to the Indian mythology, Shiva is worshipped by a sculpture or statue known as ‘shivling’. The residents of Hapur and nearby places have a strong belief that this place was a farm long time back and a farmer found a ‘shivling’ inside the ground while harvesting. People believe that the ‘shivling’ got buried inside the ground many years back.

Shiv Sabli Mandir has a lot of religious importance and people from far and near come and offers their prayers to Lord Shiva. This temple is visited mostly on Monday as this is the day of Shiva God according to the Hindu mythology. Another interesting thing about this temple is that it is observed as well as believed by people that the ‘shivling’ rises upwards every year. It is also believed that all your wishes are granted in this temple of Lord Shiva if asked with true intention.

How to reach: the temple is located around 8 KM from Hapur City Center (Tehsil Chopla).

Best time to visit: The temple can be visited throughout the year, however, people mostly visit it on Mondays.

Ajrara in Hapur

Hapur Tourist Spots

Ajrara is an old and historical village located in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh. It is a famous tourist destination in Hapur district. It is situated on the banks of a rivulet, Kali Nadi. It lies around 7.5 Km from Kharkhoda. The place has derived its name from Ajaipal, who was a yogi and ascetic.

Ajrara is, however, more popular because it is the home of a traditional style of tabla playing where the tabla players have evolved a gharana-a-style of playing the musical instrument. The style became famous after the name of the village and is called Ajrara Gharana.

The Ajrara Gharana Style of playing tabla was developed by Miroo Khan and Kallo Khan. The learnt the art of playing tabla under the guidance of Ustad Sitab Khan. He belonged to the Delhi Gharana. Both the players perfected the art of playing tabla to such an extent that the Ajrara Gharana soon became one of the six major tabla playing styles in India.

How to reach: Ajrara is located 13 km north of Hapur and is well connected with road.

Best time to visit: Ajrara village can be ideally visited during day time. It can be planned as a one day trip from Hapur.

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